Friends With Benefits

by Actually, I'm A Ghost

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Two bands that are the bestest of friends that like to kiss each other sometimes came together to sing sad songs.


released April 22, 2017

Mix, Mastered, and Recorded by Josh Solly

Vocals and Guitar-Daniel (remember the) Alamo
Guitar-Matty Kahn (LikesIndieRock)
Bass- Josh Solly
Drums-Lancelot Matthias Armstrong

Music contributed by Mondays for "Good Ol' Friends"
and "Don't Leave Me Alone"



all rights reserved


Actually, I'm A Ghost New Jersey

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Track Name: Cop Pranks Gone Wrong
You will brave the black clouds that are rolling over head.
When boisterous boys turn to manly men then you can't trust the things they said.
Guys are pigs, but that's not me.
Won't you believe just pleases baby?
We are embraced in to time and space.
We found ourselves then ended up in this place.

I will remember you in this sea of shit.
I spent too many evenings alone and i'm better for it.

He we are, alive again.
I spent my day being one but now that time ends.
Ask and you shall receive anything other than some time to breathe.

I will remember you in this sea of shit.
I spent too many evenings alone and i'm better for it

Your kindness was shown in strange ways.
Lies that fell apart were to hide your pain.
Movies you watched with me and the smell of your hair, painfully reminds me that you're not there.


It's not fair.

There are lights in this courtyard that flicker and fade.
There are trips to the ocean spent thinking and staring at waves.
Crashing and distorting like these terrible thoughts.
Those moments I could have changed something that I never caught.
But there are lights in this courtyard that are getting replaced.
There are deja vu moments I can finally face.
It's constant rejection and fuck i'm fed up.
Everything's depressing and I've had enough.
Track Name: This Song Costs A Dollar
Won't you be my Jersey Queen?
You mean everything to me my little bean.
I'm lugubrious and cis and I'd probably turn your life to shit.
Fuck what you mean, said fuck what you heard.
You mean everything to me my little bird.
He wouldn't treat you like I would anyway.
You know he wouldn't treat you like I would anyway.

Who we are, and what we became.
Together forever, I don't wanna live that way (x4)

I'm not whole anymore.
I've been a wreck since the day you left (x4)
I'm void of it all (x3)

I've been staying inside.
You're in the back of my mind.
I'm up every morning spending time with you.
Track Name: Mondays - Good Ol' Friends
I've got some good ol' friends,They live up inside my head
They make me do drugs instead of going to school
And it has been three whole years , since we have built this bridge
Since it has burned once again and I'm left here with the remnants
And I wanna go home (x4)
I see you in my dreams , it's only then when you talk to me
They say that talk is cheap , but it's not subconsciously
Get back to reality , seeing is believing
I don't believe in anything , so I must be blind
Can you take me home ? (x4)
I'm thinking that I should stop thinking of people who don't think of me
I'm feeling like I could stop feeling and I will have no more worries
I'm leaving but I keep retreating to all of the people who love me
I'm pleading for me to stop pleading you know I said I'm sorry
Track Name: Mondays - Don't Leave Me Alone
I need to go for a long drive
Down your road, let me crawl into your head
Nothing matters right now at this time
Don't think too hard , don't go hurt yourself
Don't Leave me alone (x8)